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Discover Mechana: Your Path to Heart-Brain Coherence and Unprecedented Balance & Vitality

Welcome to Mechana, the starting point for your transformation to a life of balance, vitality and inner peace. Whether you are struggling with burn-outs, bore-outs, physical pain or mental exhaustion, we are here to guide you to a state of improved heart-brain coherence. This is the key to a stress-free, harmonious and vital existence.


Our Specialist Approach:

🔸 Personal Counseling: We support you in breaking the cycle of fatigue and restoring your energy, all with a view to achieving heart-brain coherence.

🔸 Innovative Pain Management: Experience pain relief and increased quality of life through methods that balance your heart and brain.

🔸 Emotional and Respiratory Balance.Discover connected breathing, various breathing techniques, Energetic Yin yoga and various coaching techniques such as heart walking that work together to calm your mind, revitalize your body and strengthen your heart-brain connection. thus helping you Optimize Balance & Vitality.

🔸 Personalized Coaching: Whether you choose individual sessions or the power of group dynamics, our coaching is always tailored to your unique needs and focused on promoting heart-brain coherence.

Dare to Take the Step Now!

Leave the paths of temporary solutions and take the step towards lasting change today. At Mechana, we guide you to a life where balance, equilibrium & vitality and an improved heart-brain connection are key. Start your journey to a harmonious life today. Also take advantage of our Exclusive Mechana Ticket.

Mechana voor jou Evenwicht & Vitaliteit
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Why work with us

Why Mechana Coaching: Your Partner in Personal Growth

Coaching at Mechana is all about you. It is about unleashing your inner potential and guiding you to a life of harmony, balance & vitality and self-discovery. Our unique connected healing breathing technique is enhanced with coaching, allowing you to experience not only physical and mental relief, but also personal growth and insight.

Imagine a life without the burdens of stress, burnout and physical complaints. A life where you are guided to embrace your true self and reach your full potential. This is what Mechana's coaching can do for you.

The Benefits of Coaching at Mechana:

This is just the beginning of what you can achieve. We invite you to begin your transformation journey with us and discover how coaching can lead you to a life full of possibilities.


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