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We, Johannes and Tessa, have put together a unique combination of three effective methodologies: Yin Yoga, Breathwork and Heart-Brain Coherence.

At Mechana, we believe in the profound journey back to one's essence.

These three methods serve as a bridge to your deeper layers of Presence. We invite you to journey through the subtle realms of your whole Being. Each aspect of our methodology is designed to bring you closer to your true core, while simultaneously working to heal and ease your body, mind and spirit.

Breathwork: Unlocking the Power of Connected Breathing

Breathwork is not just an exercise; it is a transformative journey that invites you to explore the depths of your being. Through the Connected Breath, among others, you will discover how your breathing patterns directly affect your physical, emotional and energetic state. This helps to release blockages, reduce stress and achieve a state of deep relaxation and clarity. A conscious breathing pattern is a conscious life.

Energetic Yin Yoga: Chakra Healing and Connective Tissue Repair

Yin Yoga at Mechana is not just another form of yoga; it is an energetic journey aimed at restoring connective tissue and balancing the chakras. By moving into poses slowly and with intention, you will discover the healing power of stillness and gentleness. Yin Yoga promotes your physical flexibility, it contributes to connective tissue repair and thus opens the doors to emotional and energetic healing.

Heart-Brain Coherence: Measuring Presence in the Heart

The Heart-Brain Coherence practice at Mechana offers a science-based approach to measure your heart rate variability and gain insight into your emotional and mental state. By understanding the cooperation of the Heart and Brain, you become aware of your state.

Energy Strengthen with Pyramid technology

During our sessions, we use sacred geometry, in the form of Pyramid technology, to amplify the energy in the space. This unique approach makes it easier for you to access your own energy flow and promotes a deeper sense of connection with yourself.

What It Can Bring You

The journey with Mechana is an invitation to experience what true transformation can mean for you. Whether you seek physical healing, emotional freedom or spiritual growth, our sessions offer a path to self-realization and deeper connection to your essence.

About Johannes and Tessa

Johannes and Tessa create a safe and supportive environment in which you are invited to discover your inner blocks and patterns. With their guidance, you will learn how to use these insights to move forward on your path to self-realization and true freedom.

Your first group session is always free in Oisterwijk

We invite you to join this special journey at Mechana in Oisterwijk. Discover the power of Yin Yoga, Breathwork and Heart-Brain Coherence and how these methodologies can help you reconnect with your essence.

Start today and book your first free group session, we would love to meet you in one of our Yin classes or breathing circles .

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Why work with us

Why Mechana Coaching: Your Partner in Personal Growth from Oisterwijk

Coaching at Mechana is all about you. It is about unleashing your inner potential and guiding you to a life of harmony, balance & vitality and self-discovery. Our unique connected healing breathing technique such as the connected breathing or transformational breathing, is enhanced with coaching, allowing you to experience not only physical and mental relief, but also personal growth and insight.

Imagine a life without the burdens of stress, burnout and physical complaints. A life where you are guided to embrace your true self and reach your full potential. This is what Mechana's coaching can do for you.

The Benefits of Coaching at Mechana:

This is just the beginning of what you can achieve. We invite you to begin your transformation journey with us and discover how coaching can lead you to a life full of possibilities.

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