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Banner retreat Yin Breathe and hike in the Pyrenees

5- day retreat with Energetic Yin Yoga, The New BreathWork® and Mountain Hiking in the Pyrenees. June 3-8, 2024

Would you also like to spend a week deeply relaxing, releasing tensions and stress, escaping from daily activities and reconnecting with your own core?

We invite you, as a nature lover, to join us in the mountains!
This retreat is the ultimate opportunity to relax, ground yourself and connect with the beautiful nature around you and the nature within you.

This week we offer daily:

  • A guided energetic Yin yoga session in which you reconnect with your own body and relax deeply.
  • A deepening of the breath movement (The New Breathwork®), through which you will receive insights from your own truth.

Both energetic Yin yoga and Breathwork are taught by us, Tessa and Marjolein, professionals in the field. And we combine these powerful sessions with beautiful mountain walks through the Pyrenees with an experienced guide.

After this week, you are guaranteed to experience more "space" in your body. You will feel a stronger connection of body and mind. As a result, you will also experience more relaxation and feel more energetic and mentally stronger.

There is a lot of personal attention because we will only be with a group of no more than 7 participants. 

Pyrenees tes and mar
Chez Judith



We are staying in a beautiful converted farmhouse at 'Chez- Judith', a Dutch farmer's wife in the French mountains with a herd of Galloway cows, 2 dogs and some chickens. The farm is located in the small town of Boussenac, about 800 meters above sea level in the Ariège department. The place has a beautiful view of the majestic Mont Valier mountain, and is surrounded by forests, grassy slopes and small rivers.

The food is (h)honestly provided and comes from the farm and the vegetable garden.

Very happy to meet in the mountains at this beautiful location, where we may enjoy, relax and NATURALLY really BE.


Tessa and Marjolein



~ Daily Deep Energetic Yin Yoga.
~ Daily deepening of your Breath through The New Breathwork®.
~ 1 full day guided tour (approx. 6-8 hours).
~ 2 half-day guided hikes (approx. 3-4 hours).
~ 5 nights stay in the cottage at a nature farm.
~ (H)honest wholesome meals from the land or immediate area.
~ Rural location with views of the mountains and the herd of Galloway cows.
~ Plenty of your own time and socializing together around the campfire.
    The location offers several opportunities to be together, as well as to kick back
    pulling for some private space, both indoors and outdoors.  

(All activities are included in the price, participation is not mandatory)

~ No yoga or breathing experience necessary.
~ For the mountain hikes, a minimum condition to be able to hike for 6 hours.

The gîte, in the beautiful converted farmhouse, offers comfortable accommodation for seven people. The gîte is equipped with a fully equipped private kitchen, a bathroom and toilet, two double bedrooms and a sleeping loft that can accommodate three people. Outside on the terrace behind the house you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains.

Who are we?

Tessa - Energetic Yin Yoga


A walk in the mountains...feeling the connection with nature. By BEING in the mountains with full presence, my body relaxes and a certain clarity arises in my mind. This makes me happy!

The human body and nature have always fascinated me. From my studies in Movement Technology in which the anatomy and functioning of the human body is central, I have gained much knowledge about the relationship of physical complaints and behavior.

I love taking people into the world of Yin Yoga, where you get to fully feel your own nature again. The fear and resistance we build up over the course of our lives as self-protection keeps us from fully living, loving and passionately moving and connecting. These tensions are stored in our connective tissue.

Yin Yoga focuses specifically on connective tissue, so deep, sustained postures help to stretch and restore fascia, leading to improved energy flow and release of stored tension.

In my daily life, therefore, I deal with people's awareness. Together with my partner, I have a business called "Mechana," which focuses on Yin Yoga, Breath and Heart-Brain Coherence.

Read more about me and about Mechana at  >> our website <<

Tessa Yin
Tessa Frunt
Marjolein retreat
Marjolein Broch

Marjolein - The New Breathwork®


The word movement runs like a thread through my life. I love doing physical movement; walking or running on the beach, a class in crossfit, yin yoga and playing beach volleyball. And honestly, over the past 6 years, inner movement has enriched me tremendously. Enriched to discover, feel and now share my natural movement from within with you.

In this retreat week, I will do so using The New Breathwork®.
I take you into a natural breathing pattern. A breathing movement that is low and slow at rest and full on exertion. I let you discover what it is like to breathe from the small pelvis. We bring attention low in the body, into the still point, or the place of your life energy, intuition and power.

And this place, the Pyrenees, feel like home. After 1.5 years of living in the Cathar region of southern France, I love going back into the mountains. I am looking forward to it.

Read more about me at >> my website <<

Tessa and Marjolein
Tessa and Marjolein

NATURALLY I want to Enjoy too! I will be there!

General information

You are welcome Monday afternoon, June 3, between 15h00- 17h00.
Fine if you join us for dinner in the evening. 

We say hello to each other at Saturday morning, June 8 after breakfast between 10h00- 12h00.

Inner care:

The (h)honest meals are provided and come from the land or immediate surroundings as much as possible. Vegetarian is possible just as we may also one day enjoy the country's own beef.

The following meals are included:

~ Breakfast
~ Lunch
~ Dinner
~ Healthy snacks
~ Tea and coffee


Pricing & Booking

~ Shared double room or 3-bed room €895,

(Shared bathroom and toilet, living room, open kitchen, terrace and garden)

Not included in the price!
~ Flight ticket/ transportation from the Netherlands to location.
~ Transportation from cottage to start of hike(s).
(We will arrange this jointly on the spot).

~ Should you wish to arrive a day earlier and/or leave later. Extra stay at 'Chez-Judith' can be rebooked.