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Coaching Paths at Mechana: Your Path to a Pain-Free and Stress-Free Life

Are you trapped in an endless cycle of burn-outs, bore-outs or physical discomfort?

Do you recognize that feeling of constant exhaustion, as if the world rests on your shoulders? Or perhaps you feel a gnawing pain that just doesn't seem to go away, both physically and emotionally? You're not alone, and we understand how overwhelming it can be.

Losing Your Way in the Daily Rush In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many of us lose our way. The constant feeling of being on the brink of burnout, not knowing how to fight boreout, or those persistent physical symptoms that doctors can't seem to explain.

At Mechana, we specialize in addressing these deeply embedded pain points. Tessa and Johannes, your dedicated coaches, are there for you with loving directness, sound expertise and proven techniques.

Take the First Step to a New Life Today!

You no longer have to search or suffer. Choose Mechana and take your first step today toward a life full of balance, joy and well-being. Dare to take the step. You deserve it!

Coaching pathways

What we offer


1 on 1 Coaching

You will be coached lovingly-directly. We don't beat around the bush or talk down to you. We mirror you and immediately give you tools to look at yourself and your circumstances in a new way. You get to know your core even better. You learn to choose better. You become more aware of your beliefs, talents, patterns and pitfalls.

In a one-on-one coaching environment, the coach can tailor the sessions to the individual's unique needs, goals and learning style. This can accelerate progress and ensure that the individual gets maximum value from the coaching experience. Private coaching sessions offer a safe,

A confidential environment where individuals can share their concerns, challenges and aspirations without fear of judgment or exposure, which can facilitate more open communication and deeper self-reflection.

A one-on-one coach can provide the accountability that helps individuals stay on track toward achieving their goals. Regular check-ins and discussions about progress and obstacles can help maintain motivation and focus.

With one-on-one coaching, scheduling can be more flexible and accommodate the individual's personal and professional commitments. This convenience can remove barriers to participation and make it easier to commit to the coaching process.


Group Coaching

In addition to a private session, you can also choose a duo or group session. Conscious breathing together is enormously powerful. Breathing in groups has a positive effect on the energy, supporting each other to a deeper state of consciousness. You come together for a moment and each shares a piece of themselves. Lifted by the flow of the breath, to go home again with wings.

In a group coaching environment, individuals can feed off the collective energy and motivation of the group. This dynamic can often lead to a greater sense of enthusiasm, involvement and commitment to the process.

Group coaching allows for mutual interaction, which can lead to shared learning and experiences. It provides the opportunity to gain insights from different perspectives and to give and receive support from others who are on a similar journey.

Group coaching is often less expensive than individual coaching because the cost is spread across multiple participants. This makes it a more accessible option for individuals or organizations with budget constraints.

Especially in a business or organizational context, group coaching can enhance team dynamics, promote mutual respect and improve communication skills. Group breathing exercises can also promote a sense of collective calm and unity.

Benefits for you, your retreats and/or business

Improved focus and productivity

Breathing exercises can improve concentration and cognitive performance, which can lead to increased productivity. This would be a significant benefit to companies looking to improve their bottom line.

Stress reduction

One of the main benefits of (breath) coaching is stress reduction. Reducing stress can improve overall health and well-being, potentially reducing sick days and improving the overall work atmosphere. This is beneficial for both businesses and retreats.

Improved teamwork and cooperation:

(Breath) coaching sessions can also function as team building activities, fostering cooperation and strengthening a sense of community. For companies, this could lead to more efficient teamwork and a more positive work environment.

Employee retention

By investing in the well-being of their employees, companies can improve job satisfaction and retention rates. (Breath) Coaching can be part of a holistic approach to employee wellness.

Attracting customers/participants:

For retreats, offering unique wellness experiences such as breath coaching can set them apart from their competitors, attracting more clients or participants.

Improved decision-making

Regular practice of breath coaching exercises can increase mental clarity and emotional intelligence. This can lead to better decision-making, a valuable skill in any business or retreat setting.
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Are you ready!!!

You learn to use what works for you. You learn to choose beliefs that are specifically helpful to you. You will be less bothered by circumstances and others. You experience more influence on how you feel, on how your life goes and flows. And you deal more easily with everything you have no control over.