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Introduction: Breathe Your Way to Transformation 

Discover the magic of breathing and transform your health and well-being. Did you know that the key to unprecedented health and emotional well-being is as natural as breathing itself? With connected breathing in bijvoorbeeld onze ademcirkels krijg je toegang tot diepgaande gezondheidsvoordelen en het verwijderen van emotionele en fysieke blokkades.

What is Connected or Transformational Breathing? 

It is a simple yet powerful technique that combines inhalation and exhalation in a smooth, uninterrupted flow. This ensures a constant supply of oxygen and energy, leading to numerous benefits.

Health Benefits and The Parasympathetic Nervous System

In today's fast-paced world, stress is everywhere. Fortunately, with connected breathing, we can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, our body's "rest-and-recovery" system. This provides benefits such as stress reduction, improved digestion, hormonal balance, increased immunity and mental calm.

Bovendien kan transformational breathing ook leiden tot verbeterde bloedcirculatie en emotionele zuivering, waardoor je emotioneel evenwichtiger en veerkrachtiger wordt. Doe ook mee met onze ademcirkel in Oisterwijk.

Your Experience with Connected Breathing

Each transformative breathing session is a unique journey. You begin with a focus or intention and may experience different sensations, emotions or insights during the practice. It is a transformative experience that you can live over and over again.

Life after Connected Breathing: A Story of Transformation

Make this breathing technique a part of your daily routine and experience exponential benefits both physically and emotionally.

Benefits of 1-on-1 and Group Sessions 

Whether you choose a personal session or a group session, you will be guided by experts in connected breathing for a safe and effective experience.

The Magic of Breathing

Breathing is fundamental and timeless. It offers direct insight into our reactions to external stimuli. With conscious connected breathing, we can reveal limiting beliefs and repressed emotions, thereby healing old wounds and paving the way for positive intentions and transformation.

Participants experience connected breathing at Mechana in Oisterwijk

DMT and Transformational Breathing 

Discover the mysterious connection between DMT, the 'Spirit molecule‘, en Transformational Breathing. Begrijp hoe deze bewuste ademhalingstechniek, gecombineerd met het natuurlijke effect van DMT, je kan helpen dieper in je bewustzijn te duiken.


Connected breathing is not just a technique, but a lifestyle. Take the deep dive into the power of breathwork and experience a revolution in your health and well-being.

Start your own journey to physical and emotional health with connected breathing now! 


Take the First Step to a New Life Today!

You no longer have to search or suffer. Choose Mechana and take your first step today toward a life full of balance, joy and well-being. Dare to take the step. You deserve it!

In onze groepssessies werken we altijd met kleine groepen, maximaal 10 deelnemers, zodat we iedereen van voldoende persoonlijke aandacht en begeleiding kunnen voorzien.

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