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Below is an explanation of pyramid energy flow and the benefits of this mysterious technology.

First, what does the word Pyramid mean.

Pyramid means: FIRE IN THE MIDDLE

Pira = fire and Mide = in the middle

The pyramid creates an impressive connection between heaven and earth, high and low energy. The grounding effect helps you perceive your inner focus - the essence of your "Being" - much more clearly.

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the energy flow of the pyramid



Discover the fascinating workings of the pyramid.

Experience the powerful flow of energy making its way from the base, Mother Earth, to the top of the pyramid. This top acts as a magnet that pulls the energy upward. Once arrived, the energy flows back down the outer sides to generate a new flow of energy (see the drawing to the right).

As the energy rises to the top of the pyramid, it opens your crown chakra and stimulates the upward flow of your life energy, the kundalini. This allows for better flow with the universe.

The top of a pyramid is strongly yin, while the base is very yang, and note that the vibrations resonate both above and below. An inverted pyramid arises from both the top and the base, developing the same energies above and below. At or around the center of gravity (Ki point), yin and yang are in balance and so there is no movement, no life. Here is peace, stillness. The best place for a meditation.




The constant flow of energy from the earth to the top of the pyramid generates a powerful pole of energy. All four energy streams, both the two energy streams that flow around the pyramid with a torus effect and the two energy streams that flow along the contours of the pyramid pass through the center of the pyramid. This gives that the downward flowing energy stream as well as both the upward flowing energy stream in the center of the pyramid is amplified.

It is most powerful one-third of the way from the earth, known as the "nuclear power station," also called the "stillness" point (where Yin and Yang are balanced).

When you are below the pyramid, the power plant is exactly at the level of your Ki point, or three fingers below your navel. In this way, your personal power plant comes into perfect harmony with that of the pyramid. This also makes it easier to balance your chakra system with intention.


Chakra System
3 part energy
Photons and their role

Another fascinating aspect of pyramids is their ability to attract photons. What are photons? Simply put, they are positive light energy particles. They are abundant in natural environments such as forests and seas. The presence of these photons has a healing influence that can strengthen and balance our mental and physical states.

Anatomy of a photon

A photon is a packet of energy released from an atom. Atoms consist of a nucleus, protons, neutrons and electrons. These components constantly interact with each other, releasing excess energy in the form of photons. This released energy is also known as "light.

The pyramid and photons

Pyramids are so-called photon collectors.

Because of their shape and placement on earth, they attract these particles of light (photons). In this, the ground plane is exactly oriented with a side rib from south to north. And the angle of the Pyramid is exactly 51.88 degrees. This attraction of the light particles occurs under the influence of gravity. Due to the ever ongoing process of generating these light particles by matter and the electric charge of gravity, a torus effect is created.

A pyramid thus attracts photons via the gravitational principle. After about 7 days, the group behavior of the photons will have built up (see image above).

By being present in this increased concentration of photons, physical recovery will occur. In fact, photons are essential to our body.

The benefits of pyramid energy
  • Physical level: Cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system, improve sleep quality.
  • Energetic Level: Increased state of consciousness, improved focus and balance, accelerated chakra balancing.
  • Emotional Level: Deep healing, increased emotional awareness, recognition of external emotional energies.
  • Mental level: Better understanding of own emotions, shifting perspectives, spiritual growth.
Pyramid Mechana
Pyramid Oregano


Photons in our DNA

DNA consists of a crystalline origin, just like our connective tissue, which also has a crystalline-like structure. Photons are abundant in this crystalline-like structure. About 10,000 photons are present per DNA molecule. They are moving along. The more photons, the more energy-flow takes place in your body. The amount of white blood cells is shown to increase under the influence of "pyramid" energy, which is the effect of increasing photons. Therefore, the energy under the Pyramid acts disease-resistant.

 Everything "alive" contains photons, in higher and lower degrees. Similarly, plants, vegetables and fruits will keep longer under these influences. Production/creation power becomes higher, larger and stronger. Radioactive objects also become less radioactive. Crystals become more beautiful and stronger. Since everything is equipped with crystals (at the detail level) you can charge any object, make it stronger, make it more beautiful.

You can imagine that spending a night under a Pyramid has a very positive impact on the body and mind.