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General / Cancellation Conditions


Cancellation Policy

Making an application for our workshops and coaching tracks is making a commitment. In appreciation and in honor of our work and yourself, your commitment to your own process, and all that flows around organizing this kind of Sacred Medicine work, it is important to realize that last minute cancellations are not easily possible unless caused by corona symptoms.

Starting 10 days before the ceremony, I consider our appointment to work together as fixed. Should anything come up between 10 days and 3 days before the appointment, we are open to finding a new date together.

Should you cancel your appointment within 3 days before our collaboration for a non corona related situation we will ask you for a payment of 30% of the agreed upon fee, and within 24 hours before the appointment 50% of the agreed upon fee as compensation for our time kept free in case of a private appointment, or for the space kept free in a group ceremony.

For payment, you will receive a payment request in the days before the course or ceremony.