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Group Coaching for Business Growth & Global Retreats

group coaching

The modern world can sometimes be overwhelming, full of challenges and rapid change. At Mechana, we believe that despite the hectic pace, every individual and team has the capacity to thrive and develop. Whether you want to increase efficiency within your company, strengthen your team or create an unforgettable retreat experience, whether at home or abroad, Mechana is your partner for growth and transformation.

Group Coaching - The Key to Connection and Power

Our group coaching is not just another session; it is a journey of discovery, connection and empowerment.

  • One with the Group: In our group sessions, you will experience the power of collectivity. Sharing, learning and growing together strengthens not only the individual but also the community.

  • The Power of the Individual: Every voice is important, every perspective unique. We are here to make sure everyone feels heard and valued.


Retreats at Home and Abroad - A New Perspective

The power of a retreat lies in the opportunity to rediscover yourself in a new environment. Whether you choose the peaceful Dutch countryside or an exotic destination abroad:

  • Unique Experiences: Our retreats are designed to refresh both body and mind. The combination of our proven techniques and the magic of new locations creates an unparalleled experience.

  • Customized to Your Needs: Whether you are looking for deep introspection, team building or just a break, our retreats are modular and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Let Us Guide You on Your Growth Journey

Energetic Yin Yoga
We are not just a coaching company; we are a movement, a community. Your growth and transformation are our passion. Let's work together to achieve great things!
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Traveling Coaches

If you need intensive guidance, we can temporarily live with you as a travel coach if you wish. To observe daily processes and transform/transmute from there. The greatest transformation literally takes place from within.

With us as a travel coach, sessions can take place at a location that best suits the client, whether it is at the corporate office or at a retreat location. This eliminates travel time for participants and allows for a schedule that fits their daily routine, increasing participation rates and engagement.

Traveling coaching can provide coaches with a unique perspective of the environment in which their clients operate, allowing for more context-specific guidance and application of coaching principles. Breath coaching techniques can be adapted to address specific stressors or challenges in that environment.

Not all companies or retreats have the resources or expertise to offer effective breath coaching, among other things. By facilitating on-site, coaching can be made accessible to a wider range of individuals, potentially improving the health and productivity of entire teams or groups.

When coaching takes place in the actual work environment or retreat, the practices and strategies learned can be applied immediately. For example, learning breath coaching techniques in the office can help employees manage stress in real time, improving overall well-being and productivity.