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Mechana Ticket For your Balance & Vitality

Now special offer Mechana Ticket from €449 now for €325

We are excited to announce the "Mechana Ticket" - your ticket to a transformative experience with all that Mechana has to offer! This ticket, valid for three months from the time of purchase, personalized and in your name, is the perfect way to get acquainted with the core of Mechana.

With the "Mechana Ticket," you gain access to two heart-brain coherence readings and coaching sessions designed to promote your internal harmony and well-being. These sessions are the key to self-discovery and will help you understand and optimize the deeper connection between your heart and brain.

In addition, we invite you to five Yin yoga classes, giving you the opportunity to stretch, relax and revitalize your body. Yin yoga is the subtle art of letting go, and with our classes you will learn how to bring your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation.

And that's not all! Your Mechana Ticket also gives you the chance to participate in five 'connected breathing circles'. These powerful sessions will transform your breathing and help you achieve a state of heightened awareness and connection.

All of this is carefully curated to get you efficiently on your way to the new you. At Mechana, we believe in a holistic approach to wellness, and with the Mechana Ticket, you take the first step towards a life full of vitality and freedom.

Live your best life, live in complete freedom. Seize this opportunity and let the Mechana Ticket be the start of a wonderful transformation. Welcome to Mechana - where your journey to a fuller self begins!

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    Why work with us

    Why Mechana Coaching: Your Partner in Personal Growth

    Coaching at Mechana is all about you. It is about unleashing your inner potential and guiding you to a life of harmony, vitality and self-discovery. Our unique connected healing breathing technique is enhanced with coaching, allowing you to experience not only physical and mental relief, but also personal growth and insight.

    Imagine a life without the burdens of stress, burnout and physical complaints. A life where you are guided to embrace your true self and reach your full potential. This is what Mechana's coaching can do for you.

    The Benefits of Coaching at Mechana:

    This is just the beginning of what you can achieve. We invite you to begin your transformation journey with us and discover how coaching can lead you to a life full of possibilities.

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