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5-day retreat Mountain hiking Yin Yoga and Breathing in the Pyrenees (2×2 and 1 x 3 person shared (attic) room)


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5-day retreat

Would you also like to spend a week deeply relaxing, releasing tensions and stress, escaping from daily activities and reconnecting with your own core?

We invite you, as a nature lover, to join us in the mountains!
This retreat is the ultimate opportunity to relax, ground yourself and connect with the beautiful nature around you and the nature within you.

This week we offer daily:
A guided energetic Yin yoga session in which you reconnect with your own body and relax deeply.

A deepening of the breath movement (The New Breathwork®), through which you will receive insights from your own truth.

Both energetic Yin yoga and Breathwork are taught by professionals in the field. And we combine these powerful sessions with beautiful mountain walks through the Pyrenees with an experienced guide.

After this week, you are guaranteed to experience more "space" in your body. You will feel a stronger connection of body and mind. As a result, you will also experience more relaxation and feel more energetic and mentally stronger.

There is a lot of personal attention because we will only be with a group of no more than 7 participants.

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