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Breathing Circle 'If U Want it Darker' with Microdosing March 22, we start at 1930 hours (end 2300 hours at the latest)


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Mechana is proud to present a unique and profound event, "If U Want it Darker" Breath Circle. This special gathering invites you on a journey of discovery into the hidden corners of your soul, guided by the transformative powers of connected breathing, DMT, and microdosing truffles, offered in the form of chocolate. This is an opportunity to explore the full spectrum of your consciousness, where light and love can only truly shine when space is also made for darkness.

A Journey Through Darkness To Light

Johannes and Tessa guide you through this intimate journey, in which you are invited to explore the deeper layers of yourself. It is an adventure aimed not only at discovering inner darkness, but also at acknowledging and embracing it, as an essential part of your being. This approach offers a unique perspective on personal growth and transformation, by acknowledging all aspects of the self.

A Limited Occasion

Please note, only 10 spots are available for this in-depth experience. This ensures a safe and supportive environment in which each participant can receive personal attention and guidance. We create a space where you are free to explore and transform yourself, in a setting of trust and openness.

When and Where?

This special breathing circle will take place on March 22, where we will begin at 7:30 p.m. and conclude at 11 p.m. at the latest. The location for this unique experience is Balans Centrum, located at Terburghtweg 3 in Oisterwijk. This place offers the perfect environment for deep introspection and transformation.

Important Information

It is important to note that Mechana's 5 ride card is not valid for this special event. This emphasizes the exclusivity and unique nature of the "If U Want it Darker" Breath Circle, which requires a separate investment in your personal and spiritual development.

An Invitation For Profound Transformation

If you are ready to explore the depths of your consciousness and embrace the darkness within yourself as a pathway to light and love, then this event is for you. Embark on this special journey with John and Tessa, and experience the power of a community coming together in vulnerability and courage.

Don't miss this opportunity to participate in an experience that can change your perspective on yourself and life. Reserve your spot now and be part of an adventure that promises to not only open your heart and mind, but also reveal new paths of understanding and acceptance.

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