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Pyramid Dragon


Enter the mystical world of the Pyramid Dragon, a symbol of strength and transformation that embodies the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. Crafted from corner set copper 2.5 cm wide and joined with screw joints, this pyramid stands as a paragon of stability and elegance. The Pyramid Dragon acts as a cosmic antenna, focusing and transforming energy from the environment, creating a powerful field of positive vibration.

Pyramid Dragon: Your Personal Power Station
The Pyramid Dragon is more than an object; it is a portal to deeper self-knowledge and universal connection. At the 1/3 height point, the so-called king's chamber, you feel cosmic energy at its strongest. It is a place of power, where you can get in touch with your inner self and the universal energies that surround us.

A Source of Healing and Transformation
The energy of the Pyramid Dragon works on multiple levels, making it a versatile tool for anyone seeking personal growth, emotional healing or spiritual development. Whether you use the pyramid as an energy booster, emotional resetter, or as a healer of wounds, its impact on your life force and self-healing ability is undeniable.

An Adventure with Consequences
A journey with the Pyramid Dragon is an adventure that is not without consequences. Because of the energetic shifts taking place, you may be confronted with old emotional hurts, as well as the power to finally overcome them. The pyramid offers the opportunity to gain new insights and make life-changing choices.

Cosmic Energy and Physical Wellbeing
The Pyramid Dragon also has a tangible impact on physical well-being. It can help improve posture and relieve physical complaints, such as back pain, by restoring energetic balance. This process may initially cause some discomfort, such as muscle pain, but the result is a stronger, healthier body that is in harmony with its energetic field.

A Unique Design for Maximum Effectiveness
With its unique design, characterized by laser cut angle set copper and sturdy screw connections, the Pyramid Dragon is not only a powerful energy source but also a beautiful work of art that exudes elegance and power.

The Pyramid Dragon invites you to explore the power of pyramid energy and experience how it can transform your life on both a physical and spiritual level. It is an invitation to explore the depths of your being and live a life in complete harmony with the cosmos. Step into the world of the Pyramid Dragon and be taken on a journey of discovery, healing and transformation.

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