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Who we are

Our goal is to make people more aware

We are Tessa and Johannes,

April 2023, John came to Tessa to experience the meditation pyramid. This became an extraordinary encounter. In both the field of passion and as well as love, all kinds of things were set in motion. An enormous creative flow was immediately present and is still present in abundance. Whether the pyramid energy contributed to this? We are sure! Below the pyramid the connection with the manifestation force and the field of creativity is strongly present. Together we experience this loving creative force and from there we enthusiastically walk our path. From passion and presence we have set up Mechana. Our mission: "to bring humanity to a higher consciousness". 

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Energetic Yin Yoga

Who is Tessa

My name is Tessa Frunt, through and through Brabant. I currently live in Oisterwijk, in a beautiful spot on the edge of the forest. This connection with nature is essential to me; it really grounds me. Thanks to my studies in movement technology, I have become a lot wiser about the human body.

The human body and the cosmic energy field have always fascinated me. I delved deeper into them and developed in them. But the real wisdom about life I found during my own inner journey. During this journey I came in contact with my deepest desires.

What I want most is to live from full presence. I want to fully experience and express the depth of love, and embody this connection in all facets of life. The fear and resistance we build up throughout our lives as self-protection keeps us from fully living, loving and passionately moving and connecting.

Letting go of these fears, which are often our blind spots, feels like a liberation. Life is there to be lived. There is so much potential and light within you that you can live all that you truly desire. This is one of the most beautiful transformational processes I wish for everyone.

I practice yoga in my own way, I like to mix Yin Yoga and Hatha yoga. This helps me connect with my energy field on different levels. In addition to my yoga training, I have taken a breath coach course, obtained a BARS certificate and gained a lot of experience in energetic coaching. During a session I follow my intuition and whatever happens is allowed to be there. In addition to my energy work, I enjoy being creative with making healing energy and power objects.

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Coaching pathways

Who is Johannes

For years in the Navy, I chose the deep sea, diving into the depths of the ocean aboard a submarine. Days, sometimes weeks, with the same crew under high pressure, both literally and figuratively. Any mistake, any distraction could mean the end. That period taught me life lessons. Each of us is a unique individual, with our own strengths, but also our own weaknesses and dark sides.

By nature, I am an (energetic) healer. I discovered this when I was 17, when I realized that I could take on the "pain" of others, but then suffer from it myself. My journey led me from Reiki to reconnective healing, breath coaching and various other forms of healing. Now more than ever I realize how crucial it is to share this with the world. So that everyone can learn to activate their inner healer. Because at the core, we are all healers.

also founder of Dr@gon Coaching

My coaching is based on a blend of "in the moment" coaching, breathwork and investigative (unconscious programming). This means we stay outside the stories as much as possible and are results-oriented. Not on the basis of what we think "should" change, but on the basis of what we may let go of in order to reach your maximum potential. Exploring is a guided form of focusing, where you activate new connections in your brain from a sense of unity to accelerate/support processes.

During the breath coaching sessions (connected breathing/rebirthing) we work on dissolving old limiting beliefs, stuck (unconscious) emotions, and opening the full breathing potential. This allows our nervous system to relax again instead of constantly fighting/fleeing/freezing.

Working from a grounded spirituality, as a Healer, (breath) Coach and Magician, I have been coaching people back to their essence and best version of themselves for years.

My mission? To reconnect you with your pure self. The authentic you. From connection in and with yourself.

Transformational Breathing

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